how long does a nostril piercing take to heal before you can take it out and not have it close up on you?


I tell my clients to expect anywhere from 3-4 months for their nostril piercing to heal. Of course everyone is a little different. 

Even after 3-4 months, actually, even after 6+ months, nostril’s are among the least forgiving piercing. They tend to snug up very quickly for most people without jewelry in them. 

Unfortunately there is no set answer on how long you can have a piercing and how long you can leave jewelry out without it closing. It’s different for everybody. 

Assuming the piercing was doing great and there were no issues of irritation in a very long time, I would tell somebody to wait at least 10 months after being pierced before attempting to leave the piercing empty, and even then I wouldn’t leave it empty for long. 

This is just based upon my experience, and I’m sure it’s a little different for everybody.

If you need to hide it later, I’d suggest a glass retainer over leaving jewelry out for extended periods of time. 

Cody Vaughn - APP Outreach Committee