I recently got my nose pierced, but my new job doesn't allow visible facial piercings. Is there any kind of clear 'place holders' I can put in my piercing for work or at least until it heals? I just love it so much!


A glass retainer would be your best option. Most piercing studios carry fused quartz glass retainers for nostrils. 

I would not taking the retainer in and out a lot since your piercing is still healing. I’d suggest to just put the glass in and leave it in during the healing time. 

Cody Vaughn - APP Outreach Committee

I wish I could afford the high quality plugs from guys like you. Unfortunately, I can only afford to buy from Hot Topic and I don't like it at all. :'(



Here’s the thing about that. YOU CAN afford quality jewelry. If it is a priority to you then you’ll make it happen. If you understand why costume jewelry isn’t safe for you then you would be able to afford it. A savings account or piggy bank is an easy way to make this happen. Save up for what you want!

Do you buy $100 shoes? $100
Jeans? Spend $30/week on smokes? $20+/week on redbulls? $50/weekend in booze? Smoke weed? Are these things more important than the best jewelry you’ll have forever? Which is your priority?

I’ll be honest, I have great taste in jewelry and even I have to save up for a lot of the pieces I want. I want to look fly as fuck and I want nice pieces that won’t harm me and will last me a lifetime so I save up for what I want.

Another thing we like to suggest to our clients: every time you’re tempted to spend that $5 or $10 on the subpar costume jewelry, set it aside in your savings jar/pig instead. Before you know it, you’ll have the cash to buy the high quality stuff you really want and you know is far more worthy of your hard earned money!

Good stuff! Great suggestions.. We also offer layaway
You’re worth it